2018-2019 NWDDA Executive Council

Dr. Marla Allen mjallen9875@gmail.com

Vice President
Dr. Jodi Prine drjodiprine@gmail.com

Dr. Brittney Craig bcraigdmd@gmail.com

Dr. Beau Biggs beaubiggs@gmail.com

Immediate Past President
Dr. Jeff Ottley dmdottley@yahoo.com

Dr. Jeff Ottley dmdottley@yahoo.com
Dr. James "Eddie" Martin jemartin33@yahoo.com

Alternate Trustees
Dr. Susan Byrne sbyrne1538@gmail.com
Dr. Reese Harrison reeseh@aol.com

Editor & FDA President
Dr. Jolene Paramore jparamore@knology.net

Florida House of Delegates and Alternates (term beginning at January 2019 House)

Dr. Steve Bryan, Delegation Chair bryanosurg@aol.com
Dr. Marla Allen mjallen9875@gmail.com
Dr. Nathan Hall natehall75@gmail.com
Dr. Mike Mihalcik palmfamilydental@mmihalcik.com
Dr. Robert Payne paynless@embarqmail.com
Dr. (Henry) Jack Pruett hpruett@hpruettdds.com
Dr. Erin Sutton healthygrins@gmail.com

Alternate Delegates
Dr. Jordan Harper bigairharper@icloud.com
Dr. Tricia Hess drtricia@bradley.gccoxmail.com
Dr. Allen Litvak, Jr. allenlitvak@bellsouth.net
Dr. Jean Woo jwoo249651@aol.com

Councils, Committees and Related Organizations

Council on Conventions and Continuing Education
Dr. Sasha Minor sjminor@gmail.com
Dr. Kaycee Wilcox kayceewilcox@hotmail.net

Council on Dental Benefits and Care
Dr. Steve Bryan bryanosurg@aol.com

Council on Dental Education and Licensure
Dr. Tracy Eckles tracymecklesdds@gmail.com

Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs (CEBJA)
Dr. (Henry) Jack Pruett hpruett@hpruettdds.com

Council on Financial Affairs
Dr. Greg Wood gawpensfl@hotmail.com

Council on Membership
Dr. Erin Sutton healthygrins@gmail.com

Council on the New Dentist
Dr. Jordan Harper bigairharper@icloud.com

Governmental Action Committee
Dr. Jeff Ottley dmdottley@yahoo.com

Florida Dental Association Services (FDAS)
Dr. Jenna Pascoli jenna.w.pascoli@gmail.com

Florida Dental Association Foundation (FDAF)
Dr. Robert Payne paynless@embarqmail.com

Florida Dental Association Political Action Committee (FDAPAC)
Dr. Daniel Melzer maverik14@hotmail.com

Leadership Development Committee
Dr. Brittney Craig bcraigdmd@gmail.com

ADA Component Delegate
Dr. (Henry) Jack Pruett hpruett@hpruettdds.com

ADA Component Alternate Delegate
Dr. Jeff Ottley dmdottley@yahoo.com

FDA Leadership Institute

As we stare down the barrel of a new decade, we must begin to ask ourselves - What will organized dentistry look like at the end of this decade? What issues will be paramount? Who will be prepared to lead? The first two questions are largely dependent upon the last question: Who are our future leaders? Well, they are you!

The Florida Dental Association embarked on a new mission, to enhance the understanding of association leadership and to begin preparing tomorrow's leaders today through the FDA's Leadership Institute. Upon graduation from the FDA Leadership Institute, candidates will have been exposed to information enhancing their ability to lead an association. Information on anti-trust, parliamentary procedure, meeting planning and operating a political action committee are just some of the topics explored in the on-line courses.

To graduate from the Institute, candidates must complete a preapproved project such as hosting a political fundraiser, coordinating a local Give Kids a Smile event or conducting a member drive. Finally, successful graduates will have attended an in-person Leadership Conference.

Interested candidates can access an application online here.